Nate Tolar spoke to a well-attended meeting about his new novel, Shadrach, a story about a victim of a bureaucracy run by persons interested in everything but the welfare of the people. His first novel, The Keeping of Ellie, has been well received, and he is considering republishing it as well. Nate publishes his own books and spoke about working with editors and printers.
He discussed with the group his three C's of writing - clever, clear, concise. "concise writing is telling your story in as few words as possible. Banal discourse and the excessive use of any one word or phrase does nothing but bore your reader." He states per his handout that "so that" should never be used. The author must draw the reader into the story and travel with the reader paragraph to paragraph. "Imagine your reader over your shoulder," he says.
Critiques followed his presentation.