NFW Minutes

February 12, 2011

Attendees: Stewart Neal, Richard Levine, John Sullivan and Howard Denson

Meeting called to order at 2:20 PM.

Motion carried to approve the January 8, 2011 minutes.

A printed Agenda was distributed so that everyone present could follow the meeting.

Announcements listed in the agenda were read.

Old Business:

President Neal presented the draft letter Howard Denson’s had previously submitted concerning sponsoring a novel contest. Item tabled until next meeting.

A brief discussion was conducted surrounding questions presented in emails between President Neal and Howard Denson. Several of the questions remain unanswered and will be reintroduced at the next meeting.

New Business:

President Neal was tasked to reproduce an editable copy of the NFW Bylaws and email the result to Richard Levine.

Howard Denson was tasked to provide electronic versions of NFW membership rosters and submit them to President Neal.

Richard Levine was tasked to make modifications to the web site, giving it an increased capability for members. He was also tasked to provide a web site hits report. Richard will provide an update of his modifications at the next meeting.

Since there were no items presented to critique, there was a brainstorming session with the central theme being actions to take to improve the organization. Several good ideas were born from the discussion. Additional action items will be forthcoming in future meetings.

Meeting adjourned at 3:35 PM