North Florida Writers

April 14, 2009



Call to order - President Margie Sauls called the meeting to order at 2:05 P.M.


Member/Visitor introductions - Members introduced themselves and what they’re currently writing.  Margie welcomed Guest Shelly Kummings.


March Minutes - Secretary Kathy Marsh read the Minutes from the March 14, 2009 meeting. The Minutes were approved as read.


Treasurer’s Report -Treasurer Howard Denson reported that there were no changes in the accounts.


Old Business

Proposed extra critique sessions – Joyce offered her Green Cove Springs bookstore as a location for members who would like an extra critique session.  It was suggested that it be on an informal basis rather than scheduling a 2nd monthly meeting. No vote was taken.


Howard mentioned that additional critiquing opportunities were also posted on our website.


Susanne expressed a concern that our critiquing was at times more flattery than helpful.  A discussion followed about the benefits of oral vs. written critiquing.  Members expressed that all critiquing is valuable as long as it offers the writer constructive criticism and that we need to maintain that focus.


            NFW logo – Margie suggested that we revisit adopting a logo for our organization and announced that the motto “Inspiring Writers” was decided on a couple of years ago. No action was taken.


New Business


Howard announced that he reserved our meeting room through December.


Jo Ann announced that there would be a Writers’ conference in August at UNF, but the details have not been posted yet.


Margie adjourned the business meeting.


Writing Workshop


            Character Chart discussion- Margie Sauls discussed the importance of fleshing out characters in our writing.  She passed around several character trait charts that can be found online such as one on  (Inspiration for Writers: Element of Craft Tips and Techniques.

            Critique Session – Six members contributed chapters from novels to be critiqued.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 P.M.