North Florida Writers

June 13, 2009


Call to order –President Margie Sauls called the meeting to order at 2:00 P.M.

Member/Visitor introductions - Members shared their current writing projects.

Old Business-

Members were reminded that they may read the Minutes online at the NFW website.

New Business-

Rita inquired as to whether the group would be doing another Anthology. A brief discussion was held, but no decision was made. The group was open to exploring the idea.

Margie announced that the speaker for July would be Lynn Thompson and gave us a choice of topics from which to select. The members chose: “Editing for Continuity: preserving the characters, locations and realities in your book.”

Treasurer’s Report-

Treasurer Howard Denson announced that there is $2017.00 in the account. He also announced that yearly dues are $25 for new members and that their due date would be one year from their joining. He also passed around a statement so everyone could see the new format and design that the bank is now using.

Writing Workshop:

Howard Denson conducted a mini-workshop on “Dialogue in Stories, Novels and Non-fiction.” Three handouts were distributed. He reviewed errors in dialogue citing examples and stated that characters shouldn’t sound alike giving ways to avoid that they do. He also discussed punctuation in dialogue and the importance of using active rather than passive language. Another point was that good openings are critical to engaging the reader.

Critique Session:

Seven members contributed the following to be read: 4 chapters from 4 novels, the scene from a play and a short story. It was decided that the one remaining chapter that wasn’t read, due to time constraints, would be read first at the next meeting.

Margie adjourned the meeting at 5:17 P.M.