North Florida Writers’ Minutes

February 10, 2007



JoAnn is doing her own illustrations for her upcoming book.

Kathy will be doing a book review section for the new MY CLAY SUN and has an upcoming column featuring several NFW members.

Richard may be directing an independent film next month that that he has written.


Treasurer Howard Denson announced that there is approximately $2,000 in the account, and that he will continue taking dues based on the month a member joins. 



The NFW-sponsored poetry anthology needs more entries, and members were encouraged to post fliers that Joyce designed throughout the area.


A Discussion was held regarding paying stipends for judging and guest speakers. Joyce moved, and it was seconded by Carrol, that the 4 final judges for the poetry anthology receive a stipend.  It was voted and approved by the members.


Howard will inquire if we can display our Saturday at 2 Anthology at the Writers’ Festival.  He will notify members by e-mail.


Carrol presented the following slate of NFW officers for 2007:  President, Joyce Davidson; Vice-President, Kathy Marsh; Secretary, Margie Sauls; Treasurer, Howard Denson. Richard moved to accept the slate and Carrol seconded the motion.   Janet Vincent volunteered to assist Howard with the newsletter.




Richard reminded members that if they wish to have a particular individual read their item to be critiqued, they may give it directly to that member.  Otherwise, items will be given to the president to distribute for reading.


Members critiqued four items.




Respectfully submitted by Kathy Marsh, Secretary