North Florida Writers’ Minutes

March 10, 2007





President Joyce Davidson welcomed members and visitor, Dawn Fields.


 Joyce reported on Friday’s events at the Writers’ Festival.  She shared some tips from author Carroll O’Dell’s presentation:  Have a goal, attack writing as a business, join a critique group, stay focused, get a writing partner, accept rejections, and be sure any manuscript is a finished product before sending it out.


Joyce challenged each member to bring something to be read for every meeting (even if it’s just an idea for something to write).


She also requests that members devise a motto for our group and distributed a sample page of ideas to brainstorm.  She would like us to bring in one or more ideas for the next meeting.  She also presented some logo designs to be considered.




Richard Levine reported that there are not enough entries yet for the poetry anthology and encouraged more work by members on public relations. Joyce and Richie both sent out flyers, and Kathy submitted the information to The Florida Times-Union.

It was moved by Richie and seconded by John Sullivan to pursue information about whether we can purchase advertising since we are a non-profit organization. 




A novel chapter and an article were critiqued by members.