The group voted to approve $40 be paid to JoAnn Murray for entering our anthology, Saturday at Two, in the POW contest. She also received back two copies of the book. JoAnn informed us our competition is a poetry anthology done by another group. A discussion followed as to what should be done if decisions are needed between meetings as to minor actions or expenditures. It was motioned and approved that the executive committee of at least four members could spend minor amounts up to $150 if three executive members agreed (including the treasurer). If there is disagreement, the issue will carry over to the next meeting for full membership vote.

Howard Denson stated there is a lag in renewals, and we need a better system of notifying renewals that funds are due. A discussion followed. Howard will send materials to Richard Levine in the hopes a change may be made in the mailings indicating renewal dates. Other means of increasing revenues were discussed including increasing critiquing revenues online. The current balance in NFW's account is $2,119.40.

A critiquing session followed. Allice Hall received an ovation for the excellent initial chapter of her novel. We were glad to see her back. We also wish Nate Tolar well a rapid recovery from his recent hospitalization.

The November meeting will need to be moved to another location because the library will be closed for Veteran's Day.