North Florida Writers’ Minutes

September 9, 2006




Howard announced that Kent Campus has some old mail that includes members’ checks, and that he will return them to members.


Richard reminded members that he would set up personal websites at no charge. Those who are interested need to provide him with information.  Website design ideas may also be submitted, unless the member would like Richard to create the design.


Carrol announced that this year’s Riverside Arts Festival included readings by local authors and that next year she would sign NFW up to participate.


Ideas were discussed for a second book by NFW to be titled, “Poetry at 2.”  Non-members, as well as members, may submit poems for consideration.  George agreed to collect the submitted poems.  Joyce and Richard suggested parameters be clearly defined to insure that editing, deadlines and quality are maintained.  Committees will be formed, and members are urged to participate.


Carrol suggested placing Saturday at 2 on consignment and would like others to bring in ideas for places to approach.  She volunteered to contact Backwater Bookstore in Orange Park.


Joyce announced POW contest details.




Several poems and a chapter novel were critiqued.




Respectfully submitted by Kathy Marsh, Secretary