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NFW to meet Oct. 13 at Webb Wesconnett
Other Words Conference Set Nov. 8-10 at Flagler College
CDS Group Has Two Remaining Meetings in 2012
FWA Clay County Writers Schedules “Meet the Author” Signing at OP Winery
The Wrong Stuff – Howard Denson
Stuff from Hither and Yon
Stuff from a Writer's Quill — Eudora Welty
Writers Born This Month
NFW suspends dues indefinitely
Meetings of NFW and Other Groups
Useful Links
The Write Staff

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NFW to meet Oct. 13

at Webb Wesconnett


The North Florida Writers will meet at 2 p.m.Saturday, Oct. 13, at the Webb Wesconnett Library. The public is welcome to attend.

For the critiques, someone other than the author of respective works will read aloud the submissions (up to 10 double-spaced TYPED pages of prose, and reasonable amounts of poetry or lyrics). Authors may not defend their work, but they may attach questions they would like answered (e.g., “Is the scene on the beach convincing?”). Authors should listen to the words and rhythms of their creations.

Webb Wesconnett is at the corner of 103rd Street and Harlow Boulevard (to the east of I-295). Other meeting site locations: Tom & Betty’s is in Roosevelt Square on US 17 (near the KFC and Starbucks). Tropical Storm Beryl flooded the basement of the Willowbranch library, so meetings won’t be held there for several months.

Future meeting dates and locales:

Nov. 10– 2 p.m., Webb Wesconnett

Dec. 8– 2 p.m., Webb Wesconnett

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Other Words Conference

Set Nov. 8-10

At Flagler College

Other Words Conference 2012 will start with a Thursday night reading by Florida Book Award winners and finish with its first-ever Advanced Breakthrough Workshops in poetry and fiction on Sunday. The eighth annual event is set to become a milestone, according to conference organizers.

The conference will be held again at Flagler College in St. Augustine and will include panels, readings, workshops, and an independent literary book fair. Papers and panel proposals on the conference theme of “Wanderlust: Writing and Travel” are now being accepted. Panels on topics other than the main theme will also be considered.

The Gold Medal Florida Book Award winner for poetry Stephen Kampa will lead the opening celebration reading Thursday evening. Enid Shomer, author of the new novel, The Twelve Rooms of the Nile, and past Florida Book Award Gold Medalist for fiction, will follow. 

The conference will have a group reading (loosely referred to as a Renga or Alternating Accretive Verse) Friday night. Everyone who wants to can read. The writing and travel theme will make the group form for the reading work. Each piece will last no longer than a minute.

Other Words conference readings will conclude Saturday night with two of Florida’s best and most widely travelled prose writers, Kelle Groom and Bob Schacochis.

Concluding the conference are the new Advanced Breakthrough Workshops in Poetry, Fiction and Creative Nonfiction. The four-hour sessions offer writers in-depth work with Other Words core faculty members Terry Witek, Mark Powell, and Ira Sukrungruang.

Conference by Text-Enhance" href=""registration fees remain the same as last year. The new Advanced Breakthrough Workshops being offered for the first time can be taken without full conference registration. Those rates are: Sunday Advanced Breakthrough Workshops Only: $100 for members, $125 nonmembers; Member Students, $55 Sunday only; Nonmember Students $70 Sunday only. Click here for the registration details.

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CDS Group Has

Two Remaining

Meetings in 2012

The CDS writing group will have its last two meetings of this year on Oct. 2, and Nov. 13 from 6 to 8 the Mandarin Library on Kori Road, according to Caryn M. Day-Suarez.

There won’t be any meetings in December. The group normally meets the FIRST Tuesday of the month from 6 to 8:30 p.m. The group is open to all genres of writing, short stories, novels, poetry, etc.

Interested writers should bring a few pages on their latest projects to share with the group for some feedback and help.

To reserve a spot in the conference room, please contact Caryn at 904. 428. 4681 or e-mail her at Caryn@CDSPublicity. com, no later than the day before. This is a FREE class to attend.

Group members have TWO flash fiction writing assignments to bring to class. “This is great practice and helps your creativity processes as well,” she says.

October homework: Write a 300-word flash fiction story about Halloween. You must incorporate the following words into your 300-word story: Ghouls, corndog, spectral, incongruous, cauldron, invoke, romance

November Holiday Short Story Contest – 1,200-1,500 words: The following words must be incorporated into the body of the story, which can be about anything concerning the holidays: family, charity, church pageant, soup kitchen, atheist, minister, menorah.

All stories, chapters, or poems brought to class to read, or to be chosen to go on this website must be for a family audience. No sex, drugs, violence.

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FWA Clay County Writers

Schedules “Meet the Author”

Signing at OP Winery

The Clay County Writers chapter of Florida Writers Assn. is co-sponsoring a "Meet the Author" book signing/sale on Tuesday, Oct. 23, at Black Horse Winery.

The FWA chapter wants to make this a monthly event, with four authors each time. The slots for the Oct. 23 meeting have been filled, but, if authors are interested in attending future sessions, they should e-mail their info (bio/titles/questions) to Maureen Jung at mjung@wordspringconsulting. com and winery owner Kiyoko Fiedler (kiyokofiedler@yahoo. com).

The authors will include these:

Carolee Ackerson Bertisch (Walking to the Beat: Life: Mystery, Melody and Motion,a memoir in poetry and prose). A former educator, she is chair of St. Johns County Library Advisory Board, poetry chair of the Florida Heritage Book Festival, founding member of A Gathering of Poets and member of the Bird Island Board of Directors.

Rocco Canora (It's Time to ROC& ROLL: Rest on Christ & Remember Our Living Lord. Rocco, a motivational Christian speaker/writer), is a member of the Speakers Roundtable. He is a former corporate speaker who has compiled a collection of homilies he has delivered over the years.

Jacki Wheeler Hale (Race Day Cuisine) has assembled over 100 recipes from fans’ favorite race car drivers. Jacki was active in racing for 10 years, working with many owners and drivers.

There is no charge to participate. Jack Owen (author of Palm Beach Scandals) drove up from Interlachen to participate in the first event earlier this month. He even presold some books. The turnout probably won't be high, but Jack and the other three authors found it worthwhile the first time around. Kiyoko offers a monthly poetry "open mike," hosts live music and shows the works of local artists.

Here is what is coming up:

Wednesday, Oct. 17 (6:30-8:30 p.m.) At the Black Horse Winery (420 Kingsley Ave. ). The first meeting at BHW worked so well that the group is doing it again. You must RSVP to attend. Since this is a private business, there is a $7. 50 charge to attend—unless you order a glass of wine. You are welcome to bring finger food if you like. This meeting includes two writing exercises, and tips for working with the media. Bring along your questions, too.

Author Lillian Kiernan Brown (author of “Banned in Boston”) directs the first exercise on a surprise topic. She introduced it to the group in 2011 in one of the most successful writing prompts offered by any of the speakers.

Maureen A. Jung will lead the second exercise on self-introductions—which sometimes seem like a writer’s worst nightmare. This will give the writer a chance to polish his or her first impression. The speaker will work with a template that helps participants capture the most exciting bits of relevant information for their key audiences.

Journalist Stephen Kindland will present some tips for working with the media, as a preview to his presentation for us on this topic in 2013.

Tuesday, Oct. 23 (6-9 p.m.) Clay County Writers is cosponsoring a “Meet the Author/Book Signing” event at Black Horse Winery. Anyone who has a book to sell is eligible for a table at the event (no charge). The first author event was so successful, winery owner Kiyoko Fiedler plans to make this a monthly event, featuring four authors each month. Here’s a chance to promote one’s book(s). Contact Kiyoko through Facebook or call her at 904. 644-8480 to reserve a table.

Saturday, Oct. 27 (10:30 a m.-noon)“Writing to Heal,” Maureen A. Jung, Ph. D. Ponte Vedra Writing Group, PVL, Saturday, Oct. 27, 10:30 a.m. The speaker may be contacted at 904.298.5714 or via the website www. wordspringconsulting. com

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Follow the link below to find where often sane and sensible writers (and editors) have stumbled in their writing:

http://howarddenson. webs. com/theforensicgrammarian.htm

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Ignore the sock puppets,

they won’t bite you

Calm down. Authors who give their own books glowing reviews are nothing new, according to Christopher Howse.

http://www. telegraph. co. uk/culture/books/9520244/Ignore-the-sock-puppets-they-wont-bite-you. html

The Long Good Read:

Iris Murdoch and

an enduring love affair

Anne Chisholm writes, “To me [Iris Murdoch] remains a great writer, whose reputation has been overshadowed by details of her private life and decline into Alzheimer’s. ”

http://www. readability. com/read?url=http%3A//thelonggoodread. com/2012/09/11/iris-murdoch-and-an-enduring-love-affair/

The Politically Incorrect

Etymologies of

11 Words and Phrases

Romy Oltuski tells us how 11 words came about, ranging from “hysteria” and “assassin” to “paddy wagon” and “barbarian. ” http://www. mentalfloss. com/blogs/archives/141420

All Is Not Vanity:

The rise of literary


Rick Archbold, a writer and editor living in Toronto, discusses in the Literary Review of Canada how his former student, Ward McBurney, had one hard-book published (to modest sales) but then could not locate a publisher for his next book. Archbold said his fine novel about World War I veterans is as literary as anything from major houses and is doing quite well in the e-book route. He gives five strong reasons for choosing to publish with Lulu, CreateSpace, etc. http://www. readability. com/read?url=http%3A//reviewcanada. ca/essays/2012/09/01/all-is-not-vanity/




In this piece for the Financial Times, Simon Schama is equally inspired by Dickens’ abundance and Orwell’s asperity. http://www. ft. com/cms/s/2/f4d6f80a-fc29-11e1-aef9-00144feabdc0. html#axzz26Rr4jHGa

Your brain


Jane Austen

According to Laura Miller, studies of the brain’s activities reveal that the little gray cells process serious or close reading differently from reading for fun. Working in conjunction with Stanford University, Natalie Phillips of Michigan State University said, “Pleasure reading [of ‘Mansfield Park’] also has distinct regions where it has more blood flow. They have two distinct neurosignatures, a term which describes complex patterns of brain activity that cross multiple regions of the brain.

http://www. readability. com/read?url=http%3A// com/2012/09/19/your_brain_loves_jane_austen/

The French aren’t

allowed to

invent new words

Novelist Stephen Clarke didn’t use the term, but he has come across French grammar Nazis . . . or would that be Vichy grammarians? France has rules about language and word-usage, to prevent the flood of Americanisms and Britishisms that wash across the French movie and TV screens. If a word is not on the approved list, you can’t use it in a French publication.

http://my. telegraph. co. uk/expat/stephenclarke/10148005/the-french-arent-allowed-to-invent-new-words/



Caleb Jacobo, an independent writer who runs the New American Scholar Project, realizes the world has a herd of people who really haven’t been exposed to Shakespeare’s plays and poems. He provides five steps for those who wish to overcome this deficiency.

http://www. nationofchange. org/tackling-shakespeare-1348414431

The Hobbit unearths

a hoard of myths

'The Hobbit' provides England with the mythology it has lost. Always, even in Tolkien’s most trivial tales, there are hints of forgotten roots, according to Christopher Howse.

http://www. telegraph. co. uk/culture/books/9575599/The-Hobbit-unearths-a-hoard-of-myths. html

There's nothing wrong

with a bit of criticism

Good advice is invaluable for writers, says Nigel Farndale. One writer said reading his reviews was like drinking poison, and J. K. Rowling has garnered a pile of negative reviews for her first adult novel. Farndale describes how one critic’s analysis of what he thought was his polished work revealed flaws he hadn’t seen and helped him to jump up to the next level.

http://www. telegraph. co. uk/culture/books/9575602/Theres-nothing-wrong-with-a-bit-of-criticism. html

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Writing a story or a novel is one way of discovering sequence in experience, of stumbling upon cause and effect in the happenings of a writer’s own life.

Eudora Welty

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To check out the names of writers who were born this month, go to this website:

http://howarddenson. webs. com/birthdaysofwriters. htm

The list includes novelists, poets, playwrights, nonfiction authors, writers for the small and silver screen, and others.

Looking for your favorite writer? Hit “find” at the website and type in your favorite’s name. Keep scrolling to find writers born in other months.

With misgivings, the list generally omits lyricists (to avoid the plethora of garage-band guitarists who knock out a lyric in two minutes to go with a tune). Often lyricists are accomplished in other writing areas and may cause their inclusion (e. g. , Bob Dylan, Johnny Mercer, Cole Porter).

Unfortunately, some writers fret about identity theft and only say they were born in, say, 1972. Typically that means they don’t get included on a “born this day” list. Recommendation: Writers may wish to create a “pen birthday”; that way, their names stay on the public’s radar.

If you see that we have omitted a writer, give us his or her name (and preferably a way to verify the belly-button day).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

NFW suspends

dues indefinitely

The North Florida Writers has suspended its membership dues for an indefinite period. The treasury has stabilized at a comfortable level, and the NFW does not have any appreciable expenses. Members suspected we could go without dues for a couple of years and perhaps more. During this period, anyone may attend and participate in the monthly meetings. (Even with dues, writers were free to attend a few meetings to see if the NFW would suit their needs. )

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BARD SOCIETY: Every Wednesday: 7 p.m.; Frank Green 250-6045; Email frankgrn@comcast. net

THE CDS PUBLICITY FREE WRITERS CRITIQUE GROUP: Meets twice monthly. The first Tuesday of each month at the Mandarin Library on Kori Road from 6 to 8:30 p.m., and the third Saturday of the month at the Webb-Wesconnett Library at 103rd and Harlow from 2 until 4 p.m. Everyone is welcome. For more information see our website at http://CDSPublicity. comor call 904.343.4188.

FIRST COAST CHRISTIAN WRITERS GROUP: Every Thursday, 6:45 Charles Webb-Wesconnett Library at the intersection of 103rd Street and Harlow Boulevard. Email: Dalyn_2@yahoo. com or Tlsl72@yahoo. com.

FIRST COAST ROMANCE WRITERS: Second Saturday of each month; start time varies based on program; see website Chaffee Road Library; 1425 Chaffee Rd. S., Jacksonville. Info: www. firstcoastromancewriters. com

MANDARIN WRITERS WORKSHOP: Second and fourth Wednesdays at 6:30 S. Mandarin Library (corner of San Jose and Orange Picker Rd.). Larry Barnes at wordsandpics@bellsouth. net.

NORTH FLORIDA WRITERS: Second Saturday: 2 various locations (due to flooding at Willowbranch) www.

NORTHEAST FLORIDA CHAPTER OF FLORIDA WRITERS ASSN. : fourth Saturday of the month at 10:30 a. m. at the Ponte Vedra Library (between Jacksonville and St. Augustine). Vic DiGenti, FWA regional director. For more information, check www. fwapontevedra. blogspot. com or www. windrusher. com.


SISTERS IN CRIME: First Saturday of each month: 10:30 a.m. at Southeast Regional Library, 10599 Deerwood Park Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32256; Sherry Czerniejewski, president Email sherrycz@aol. com

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THE ATAVIST (original nonfiction storytelling):http://atavist. net/

BEST LITERARY CRITICISM WEBLOGS: http://www. mastersdegree. net/blog/2011/25-best-literary-criticism-blogs/

BOOK COUNTRY (sponsored by Penguin Books): http://www. bookcountry. com/

CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF THE PUBLIC DOMAIN: http://www. law. duke. edu/cspd/publicdomainday

CLASSIC BOOKS FOR FREE DOWNLOADS: http://www. planetebook. com/

DAILY WRITING TIPS: http://www. dailywritingtips. com/

DAYS OF YORE (writers and artists’struggles to succeed): http://www. thedaysofyore. com/

EYEWITNESS TO HISTORY: http://www. eyewitnesstohistory. com/mefrm. htm

FLORIDA BOOK NEWS: http://www. floridabooknews. com/

40 FASCINATING LECTURES FOR LINGUISTICS GEEKS: http://www. onlineuniversities. com/blog/2011/05/40-fascinating-lectures-for-linguistics-geeks/

HOW LANGUAGE WORKS (the cognitive science of linguistics from Indiana University): http://www. indiana. edu/~hlw/

"MURDER YOUR DARLINGS" (Quiller-Couch on Style): http://grammar. about. com/od/rhetoricstyle/a/murderquiller. htm

THE PHRASE FINDER: http://www. phrases. org. uk/

PITCHERS & POETS: http://pitchersandpoets. com/

POETRY DAILY: http://poems. com/

PREDITORS & EDITORS (sort of a Consumer’s Report about agents, editors, etc. ): http://pred-ed. com/

QUOTE INVESTIGATOR: http://quoteinvestigator. com/

THE RED ROOMWhere the authors are: http://redroom. com/

REPRESENTATIVE POETRY ONLINE: http://rpo. library. utoronto. ca/display/menupoet. cfm

SHAKESPEARE SEARCHED: http://shakespeare. yippy. com/

SOME PLACES TO OBTAIN FREE E-BOOKS: http://www. freeliterature. org/index. html

STUFF JOURNALISTS LIKE: http://www. stuffjournalistslike. com/

TEN PRINCIPLES OF EFFECTIVE WRITING (F.L. Lucas on Style): http://grammar. about. com/od/rhetoricstyle/a/lucastyle10. htm

THROW GRAMMAR FROM THE TRAIN: http://throwgrammarfromthetrain. blogspot. com/

TODAY IN LITERATURE: http://www. todayinliterature. com/

UNUSUAL WORDS: http://users. tinyonline. co. uk/gswithenbank/unuwords. htm

WORDNIK: http://www. wordnik. com

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